LSTM’s Clinical Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory renews UKAS accreditation

News article 3 Mar 2020

LSTM’s Clinical Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory (CDPL) has had its United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditation renewed after an annual review in December last year.

This is part of the third year review that the lab has undertaken since becoming fully accredited by UKAS in 2016 after previously being CPA (Clinical Pathology Accreditation) accredited since 2012. Accreditation is the industry standard and gives customers the assurance that the laboratory is providing quality results and a standardised, reliable referral service.

To correspond with the re-accreditation, CDPL also launched its new webpages to highlight their services. The pages highlight the tests for blood parasites, intestinal parasites, parasite serology and other diagnostic tests are easy to use and provide a more comprehensive platform which outlining CDPL's services, including all the technical information required by health professionals using the expertise of team.

The team in the CDPL examine an average of 4000 clinical samples annually, referred from NHS trusts and private clinics throughout the UK as well as those across Europe. It provides diagnostic testing for a full range of human parasitic infections including some of those that LSTM specialises in such as malaria, filariasis, schistosomiasis, strongyloides and African trypanosomiasis.

The assessment was a great success with the CDPL retaining its UKAS accreditation for all diagnostic tests placed on scope of practice. Jayne Jones, CDPL Manager, said: “The team has worked very hard to maintain our accreditation, which is testament to their professionalism. We work with multiple clinics and this accreditation reassures our clients that we are providing an excellent service in delivering quality results under ISO standards. Our new webpages mean that our services are very clear for those people who wish to access them throughout the UK and beyond.”

For more information about CDPL and its services on offer, click here