LSTM’s Dr Kevin Mortimer speaks at Liverpool’s Pint of Science

News article 16 May 2018

For the second year running Liverpool hosted Pint of Science, an annual three-day festival that brings engaging science and latest research findings to pubs and bars across the world. Talks will also be taking place across the UK and in countries including France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Brazil.

LSTM’s Dr Kevin Mortimer, Reader in Respiratory Medicine, gave a talk entitled “Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Is it true Smoke Killed them All?” at the Dockleaf bar in the Baltic Triangle as part of the Food for Thought night at Pint of Science, in which he described his Cooking and Pneumonia Study (CAPS). His talk introduced the dangers of smoke and the health problems associated with the ‘killer in the kitchen’ - household air pollution - to the audience. Kevin was accompanied by The University of Liverpool archaeologist Dr Ceren Kabukcu who spoke about The Paleo Diet - the diet of our ancestors, and Dr Eric Robinson a nutrition scientist who spoke about the role of the food industry in the obesity crisis.

The three talks generated a lot of discussion amongst the audience as they enjoyed a pint or two!  The interval slot involved eight speakers from LSTM and the University of Liverpool, including Ms Sherin Pojar and Dr Samantha Donnellan as part of Shots of Science, with each speaker giving a 2-minute talk without powerpoint (but with the aid of handheld props!) Timing was strict with the threat of a Nerf gun being fired at the Shots speakers if they took longer than the allotted time! LSTM’s Sherin and Sam handled the task very well, with talks on the long fight against pneumonia and TB and HIV – the deadly duo, respectively,

LSTM’s Public Engagement Manager, Dr Elli Wright, said: “What an amazing festival to be a part of, Pint of Science is an excellent opportunity to engage with non-scientific audiences in the relaxed and informal venue of Dockleaf. We are looking forward taking part in the festival again next year alongside our colleagues within the University of Liverpool!”