Professor Henry Mwandumba, MLW awarded 2022 Weber-Parkes Prize by Royal College of Physicians

News article 13 Oct 2022
Professor Henry Mwandumba

Professor Henry Mwandumba, Interim Director of the Malawi Liverpool Research Programme, is receiving a prestigious award for his ground-breaking work in unlocking understanding of the pathonegenis of tuberculosis. 

Professor Mwandumba will receive the 2022 Weber-Parkes Prize,from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP),during the Harveian Oration Lecture, at RCP in London on the evening of 19th October 2022. 

The award is traditionally given to somebody who has demonstrated excellent work in the field of tuberculosis, both in this country or abroad.Historically, the recipient was given a prize of 150 guineas and a silver medal, which they received at ceremony during the Harveian Oration.  

On hearing his work had been recognised with the award, Professor Mwandumba said: “I am proud to have been recognised as part of an illustrious list of scientists who have contributed to research into and treatment of tuberculosis, which still carries a heavy cost across the world. Increasingly, multi-drug resistance can be harder to treat effectively, which is why continued research and funding in this area of treatment are so important.”  

The Harveian Oration first took place at RCP in 1656 and was set up by William Harvey, an English physician who contributed substantially to knowledge about anatomy and physiology. Each year a leading doctor or scientist is invited to speak on issues relating to their field of work.The Weber-Parkes Prizeand medal are awarded once every three years for major contributions to the prevention and cure of TB. 

The award will be presented by RCP’s President, Dr Sarah Clarke, with Global Vice President, Dr Mumtaz Patel, delivering this citation.Delegates who attend virtually will receive a booking confirmation once registered, which will include a direct link to the stream. The page that the delegate books on (above link) will be the streaming page once the stream begins on Wednesday 19 October at 5.30pm.