Spirometry is going places in Addis Ababa

News article 14 Dec 2018

Spirometry, Addis Ababa

Certificate of Competence in Foundational Spirometry short course and Spirometry Quality Assurance and Over-reading workshop.

The Pan African Thoracic Society (PATS) supported by the MRC GCRF-funded project "Lung Health in Africa across the life course” (LuLi) [grant number MR/P022006/1] facilitated spirometry training in Addis Ababa. The course was facilitated by Lindsay Zurba from 3rd – 7th December at the College of Health Sciences at Addis Ababa University. The progress in the knowledge and quality of spirometry is exceptional with a 95% pass rate on the Certificate of Competence in Foundational Spirometry training short course to date. 

The 3-day Foundational Spirometry Certificate of Competence Short Course was followed by a one-day Spirometry Quality Assurance workshop. 22 doctors and nurses from the department of medicine and public health as well as the private sector enjoyed the advanced learning to build on their Foundational Spirometry training knowledge ensuring the highest quality of spirometry in their workplaces and for their various research programmes.

The Ethiopian respiratory medical team are an exceptional group who support each other to improve the standard of respiratory health in Ethiopia. Special thanks to Prof Amsalu Binegdie, Dr’s Tewodros Haile (Division Head), Dawit Kebede, Ermias Merkebu, Aschalew Ashagrie and Hanan Yusuf for your commitment to the growth of spirometry in Ethiopia and on the Africa continent.