Volunteers Needed. Are you… 60-69 years old? Generally well? A non-smoker?

News article 16 Feb 2021

We want to learn about a bacteria called Pneumococcus which is the main cause of pneumonia.

In the study, you may receive a pneumonia vaccine, you will have a small amount of bacteria put in your nose and have samples taken to learn about the immune response to the bacteria. This will help us develop better vaccines to prevent pneumonia (as well as sepsis and meningitis).

Volunteers will…

  • Have 1 injection (a licensed pneumonia vaccine or saline)
  • Have a few drops of the bacteria put into their nose, twice
  • Give blood, nose, throat and urine samples
  • Attend about 15 appointments over 8 months (10-60 minutes each)
  • Be paid for their participation

If you want to learn more about what is involved, contact the Respiratory Infection Team:

Email 2volresearch@lstmed.ac.uk

Text 2VOL to 88802

Thank you for your interest in our study!