Antimicrobial Resistance; it’s in you!

Introduced by Professor Steve Ward, Adam gives an overview of the problem of antimicrobial resistance, the potential consequences and possible solutions.

He uses data from his group to demonstrate that resistance is not just confined to pathogens in hospitals but can also be found in surprising places; including you.

The seminar also launched the Transposon Registry, an internationally recognised resource for the naming and cataloguing of mobile DNA which is often responsible for the spread of antimicrobial resistance. This registry is administered by Adam and hosted by LSTM.

Dr Adam Roberts is Senior Lecturer in Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and Resistance. He graduated in Applied Biology from Coventry University in 1995 and with a PhD from the University of London in 2002. Worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the Eastman Dental Institute, University College London until joining the LSTM in February 2017.