Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP : Global Political Leadership To End TB: A report from the UNHLM

A seminar by the Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP, co chair of the APPG on TB. How to accelerate the progress towards ending the TB epidemic following the UN High Level Meeting on TB in September.

Since becoming an MP, Nick Herbert has worked closely with international development NGOs on the growing problem of tuberculosis, especially in developing countries. Most people think that TB is a disease of the past, but it killed 1.7 million people a year worldwide last year - more than any other infectious disease - and 10.4 million people fell ill with it. 30 million people have died from TB since 2000.

In 2006 Nick Herbert helped to form, and co-chairs, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global TB, and in 2014 he launched the Global TB Caucus which he co-chairs with South Africa's Health Minister, initiating the Barcelona Declaration with a speech to the World Lung Conference.

This year is a an exceptionally important one in the fight against TB. In September, the United Nations convened a High Level Meeting on TB , the first time the disease has received this level of global attention. Nick's work has been focused on ensuring that this event was a success and delivers a renewed effort in the battle to fight TB.