Tales from the field: Managing an Outbreak of Diphtheria in Bangladesh

Dr Derek Sloan
Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Infectious Diseases
University of St Andrews

Derek has worked in both high and low-income countries, accruing extensive experience in the management of infectious diseases, particularly tuberculosis (TB). He successfully obtained research grant funding and completed a Wellcome Trust fellowship in Liverpool and Malawi, culminating in the award of a PhD from the University of Liverpool.

His research is targeted towards clinical therapeutics questions of global public health significance. Presentation and publication of his work has resulted in Young Investigator Awards and prizes at major international conferences. Derek has ongoing projects on the clinical pharmacology of anti-TB drugs, PK-PD modelling of responses to anti-microbial therapy and programmatic interventions to reduce mortality from infectious diseases in low resource settings.

Derek also has an interest in the acute management of infectious disease outbreaks and supported the UKMed/NHS response to the Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in West Africa in 2015.