PRObiotics and SYNbiotics in infants in Kenya; the PROSYNK study

Project 5 Jul 2021

Gut Power: Protecting the early life gut microbiome to prevent malnutrition in western Kenya

Infants exposed to enteric pathogens develop abnormalities of the structure and function of the intestine referred to as “environmental enteric dysfunction” (EED). Bacteria that are thought to be beneficial and occur naturally in breast-fed infants, such as lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium, may help to prevent gut infection and improve gut health.

In this study funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, we will test whether a dietary supplement of one of two synbiotics or a probiotic alone over 0-6 months improve gut health and, thereby, prevent malnutrition. Families with newborns in Homa Bay district, western Kenya are invited to join the study.

The Principal Investigator on this study is LSTM’s Stephen Allen (Professor of Paediatrics). The study is being conducted by the Kenya Medical Research Institute, Centre for Global Health Research (KEMRI-CGHR through Dr Simon Kariuki), Homa County Referral Hospital and LSTM (through Professor Feiko ter Kuile) and the lead in Kenya is Dr. Iwaret Otiti.