Funding Package and Study Routes

PhD Registration at LSTM

Successful candidates will study as a full-time, off-site PhD student registered at LSTM. Students will benefit from supervision at LSTM and at the off-site partner institution, as well as access to the LSTM PGR Training Portfolio and facilities available for remote engagement (Library services etc.)

Students will be expected to participate in two short visits to LSTM (TBC; not more than 3 months duration) during Year 1 and Year 3 of their registration.

This studentship opportunity will provide funding for the duration of 36 months from the date of registration. This equates to:

Full-time PhD programme fees at LSTM 

  • Living costs for periods of UK study only (not exceeding 3 months per year) during year 1 and year 3 only will be covered by a stipend. *
  • Travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance for UK and selected Unit meetings
  • *Successful candidates (except for the remote-learning only post Kenya) will have the opportunity to combine PhD study with a salaried full-time Research Assistant post in the same research workstream for 12 months in year 2. During this period, the student will continue their PhD study and be employed by the partner institution in-country


PhD Registration at Overseas partner institution

  • Full time PhD registration fees at partner institution
  • Stipend to cover living costs at local rates
  • Travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance for selected in-person Unit meetings and networking
  • Funded visit (year 2 TBC) to UK to meet with UK supervisors and wider research teams