Dr Caroline Jeffery

Research Associate in Biostatistics

Caroline Jeffery joined the Department of International Public Health in March 2010, as expert in Biostatistics for the Monitoring and Evaluation Technical assistance and Research (METRe) group, led by Prof Joe Valadez. Since July 2021, she conducts statistical and health economic analyses for RESPOND AFRICA.

She completed her PhD in Biostatistics at Harvard University. Her research focuses on disease mapping and the use of spatial information on cases in public health surveillance, in particular the inclusion of residential history in mapping, mapping multiple diseases, and studying the effect of aggregation on the performance of spatial methods. She also holds a MA in Mathematics from Boston College and a Maîtrise in Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences from Paris IX Dauphine.


As part of the METRe group, she is an active biostatistician for continued extension of the Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS), Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) and other rapid statistical assessment methods, as they relate to monitoring and evaluation and health systems research.

As part of RESPOND AFRICA, she conducts statistical and health economic analyses for projects in Tanzania and Uganda focusing on NCD in HIV patients, and integration of NCD care with HIV care.

Her methodological research program also includes spatial statistical methods for public health, including geostatistical disease mapping, focusing on the evaluation of these methods, and how precision of spatial data can impact results of analysis.


[2022-current] Member of convening team for Skills module and statistics module in new MIPH MSc programme.
[2020-current] Co-convener of the Leadership in Health Systems Management module, on the Masters in Global Health.
[2012-2021] Co-convenor of the Key Themes in International Health and Health Policy module, on the Masters of International Public Health programme.
Masters’ student project supervision: Dr Wole Ameyan (2010-2011); Dr Ayobami Olanrewaju (2013-2014); Audrey Mahieu (2014-2015).

Other relevant expertise

  • Professional Certificate in Supporting Learning (SEDA Award)

Selected publications

  • C Jeffery, M Pagano, B Devkota, JJ Valadez. Improving health information systems using an annealing technique for hybrid prevalence estimation in Bihar, India. Innovative approach to improve information accuracy in a two-district cross-sectional study in Bihar, India. BMJ open. 2022 Jan 1;12(1):e051427.

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