Dr Daire Cantillon

Lecturer in Infection Biology and Therapeutics

My 13+ years’ research experience to date is a hybrid of industry and academia, with my focus on discovery science for translational impact in infectious diseases, drug discovery and antimicrobial resistance.

My research focuses on chronic bacterial, treatment recalcitrant infections and includes epidemiology, AMR mechanism elucidation and development of novel antimicrobial treatments and strategies. Working with colleagues in the Infection Biology and Therapeutics group at LSTM, I investigate how virulence and AMR leads to poor patient outcomes and how we can develop novel treatment strategies and interventions.

At CL2 and CL3, I use a diverse range of techniques and tools including whole genome sequencing, RNAseq, macrophage infection models, pathogen host interaction assays, in vitro biofilm models and Galleria melonella virulence assays.

Current projects include:

  • Optimising treatment options for multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium abscessus: Elucidating the molecular basis of aminoglycoside resistance (Directors Catalyst Fund, 2023-PI)
  • UPEC SimCell as a potential vaccine against UTI (Innovate UK, 2023-LSTM PI)
  • Developing new respiratory chain inhibitors for M. tuberculosis (MRC Global Challenges Research Fund, 2020-postdoc)
  • Wound healing adjuncts for Buruli Ulcer (Industry award, 2023-PI)

I am also developing new projects on indoor air quality as a driver of respiratory infection; novel DNA extraction protocols for mycobacteria; antibiotic prophylaxis as a driver of AMR in M. abscessus in cystic fibrosis; carbapenem intrinsic resistance in M. abscessus; UPEC AMR and virulence epidemiology.

If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch.

Selected publications