Dr Mark Wilkinson

Senior Research Associate

Since finishing my PhD on phospholipids/phospholipases I have gained extensive experience of working with proteins. I worked on a variety of different protein projects in various institutes before obtaining a lectureship at UoL in 1994. I have maintained hands-on experience of a wide array of protein isolation and analysis techniques since that time, including running an Edman sequencer for many years and more recently using mass spectrometry to identify proteins and to characterize protein modifications. This has involved me in a wide variety of collaborations with academia and industry.
In recent years the two main protein classes that I have worked with have been snake venom proteins [in collaboration with LSTM, Liverpool and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand] and monoclonal antibodies [with the Pharmacy Practice Unit, RLUH and Allergan, Speke].
Whilst at UoL my principal teaching areas were protein structure, protein techniques, proteomics, bioenergetics, glycobiology, protein biotechnology [enzymes/vaccines], bioinorganic/redox chemistry, secretory pathway and membrane proteins. I was also the Senior Admissions Tutor in Life Sciences for many years, and still fulfil this role for the Tropical Disease Biology BSc programme.

Isolation and analysis of proteins and other biomolecules from snake venoms. The main focus of this work is to develop a rapid diagnostic test for the detection of snakebites in Sub-Saharan Africa.


TROP 969 Key Topics in Snakebite: Lecture: Studying Venom proteins Practical Class demonstrating

TROP 970 Applied Bioinformatics: Lecture: Proteomics Platforms

Selected publications

  • Selected publications

    Wilkinson, M.C. Nightingale D.J.H., Harrison R.A. and Wagstaff S.C. (2017). Isolation and characterization of renin-like aspartic-proteases from Echis ocellatus venom. Toxicon 137: 92-94
    Yee, K.T., Pitts, M., Tongyoo, P., Rojnuckarin, P. and Wilkinson, M.C. (2017). Snake venom metalloproteinases and their peptide inhibitors from Myanmar Russell’s Viper Venom. Toxins 9, 15
    Tongsima S., Vasieva O., Ngamphiw C., Wilantho A., Wilkinson M.C., Somparn P., Pisitkun T., Rojnuckarin P. (2018). Analysis of snake venom metalloproteinases from Myanmar Russell's viper transcriptome. Toxicon 146: 31-41.
    Williams R.M., Franke B., Wilkinson M.C., Fleming J.R., Rigden D.J., Benian G.M., Eyers P.A., Mayans O. (2018). Autophosphorylation Is a Mechanism of Inhibition in Twitchin Kinase. J. Mol. Biol. 430:793-805