Dr Nick Beeching

Senior Lecturer Clinical Infectious Diseases


  • Honorary Consultant and Clinical Lead, Tropical and Infectious Disease Unit, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Honorary Consultant, Health Protection Agency
  • Honorary Civilian Consultant Adviser in Infectious Diseases, Army Medical Directorate

Areas of interest

Gastrointestinal and hepatic infections, blood borne viruses, "emerging" and imported diseases and neurological infection. Postgraduate medical training, history of medicine, clinical audit. 


Undergraduate studies at Balliol College, Oxford led to a BA in Physiological Sciences before clinical medical school which included an elective at St John’s Medical College, Bangalore. Subsequent clinical training posts included Oxford, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (1978), Adelaide, Birmingham, Riyadh and Auckland. Nick was a consultant physician in Khamis Mushayt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2 years before taking up his current posts in Liverpool in 1987. His main appointment is an NHS funded Senior Lectureship, established to strengthen links between the Regional Infectious Disease Unit (then at Fazakerley Hospital) and the LSTM. The success of this underpinned the move of the regional unit to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in late 2001. Most of his time is spent on NHS clinical, managerial and training activities and in teaching, but Nick maintains links with colleagues overseas, particularly in South Asia and in the Middle East, to continue research projects and to enable training exchanges and placements.

Teaching and training

Long-standing interest in postgraduate medical education, including curriculum development at national and international level, and delivering numerous lectures and interactive teaching sessions a year on DTM&H courses in Liverpool and London, other courses and conferences in LSTM and in Mersey region, nationally and internationally. Particular interest in delivery of clinical and epidemiological case studies using interactive keypads, and introducing undergraduates to tropical medicine.

Relevant committees and activities

  • Chair, Student Elective Committee, Faculty of Medicine, University of Liverpool
  • Programme Director in Infectious Diseases, Mersey Deanery School of Medicine
  • Associate International Director (South Asia), Royal College of Physicians of London
  • Member, Section and Board of Infectious Diseases, European Union of Medical Specialties (UEMS)
  • Member, European Board for Accreditation in Infectious Diseases (EBAID)
  • Member, Professional Affairs Subcommittee, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Academic lead and Chair of Examination Board, Specialty Certificate Examination in Infectious Diseases (Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians & British Infection Association)
  • Member of examination board, Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Royal College of Physicians of London (Chair 2001-2004)
  • Co convenor yearly course on Neurological Infections, Liverpool
  • Co convenor, yearly Workshops in Infectious Diseases on HIV (for British Infection Association)
  • Former external examiner MSc in Infection and Health in the Tropics (University of London) 1995-1999 and Diploma in Travel Health and Medicine (Royal Free and University College Medical School, University College London) 1998-2001
  • Former member (1995-2004) and Chair (2001-4), Specialist Advisory Committee in Tropical and Infectious Diseases (Joint Committee for Higher Medical Training)
  • Former member (1993-2005) and Secretary (2001-2003) Joint Colleges Committee on Infection (RCP & RCPath)
  • Former Royal College of Physicians Tutor, University Hospital Aintree (1997-2001)



  • Previous Theme Leader and member of Scientific Training Group, NIHR funded Biomedical Research Centre in Microbial Disease, RLBUH NHS Trust (with University of Liverpool & LSTM)
  • Co chair, Scientific Committee, 13th Conference of Federation of Infection Societies, Cardiff, 2007
  • Member, Scientific Board, 5th European Congress on Tropical Health and International Health, Amsterdam, 2007.
  • Member, Scientific Programme Committee, Brucellosis 2008 International Research Conference (with 61st Brucellosis Research Conference), Royal Holloway College, London

Editorial Boards

Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, Journal of Infection and Public Health, Postgraduate Doctor

Recent & current students

  • Wangeci Gatei, PhD 2002. Cryptosporidiosis and other intestinal parasites in Kenya
  • Faten Al Braikan, PhD 2004. Cryptosporidiosis in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia
  • Khairolah Asadolahi, PhD 2006. Effects of hyponatraemia, hyperglycaemia and neutrophilia on mortality
  • Mohammed Areeshi, PhD 2008. Cryptosporidiosis in two regions of Saudi Arabia
  • Geoff V Gill, PhD 2008. Coping with crisis – tropical disease management of imprisoned British soldiers on the Thai-Burma railway project 1942-1945
  • Yamuna D Siriwardana, PhD (Colombo University) 2009. Leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka
  • Mike BJ Beadsworth, MD 2009. Diarrhoeal disease in Malawi
  • Penny Lewthwaite, PhD 2010 Viral encephalitis in India
  • Wail Bajhmoum, PhD (current). Studies on HIV in Saudi Arabia

Other relevant expertise, professional memberships etc.

  • Past President (2004-2007) and other Council positions, British Infection Society
  • Chair, Steering Committee, National Travel Health Network & Centre (NaTHNaC)
  • Clinical Consultant for National Brucellosis Unit, University Hospital Aintree
  • Clinical Lead, Northwest Smallpox Group
  • Member, various former PHL and HPA committees on zoonoses and deliberate release
  • Member, Advisory Board, HIV Projects, Medical Foundation for AIDS & Sexual Health (MedFASH), British Medical Association
  • Member, Mersey, Cheshire and North Wales Clinical Managed HIV Network and of North West HIV Physicians Network
  • Clinical Lead, Tropical and Infectious Disease Unit (with Clinical Pharmacology), RLBUH NHS Trust
  • Chair, Infection Control Committee, RLBUH NHS Trust
  • Member of Library Committee and of Council (2007-2011), Liverpool Medical Institution (Vice President 2009-11)

Selected publications

  • Selected Publications

    Price VA, Smith RAS, Douthwaite S, Thomas S, Almond DS, Miller ARO, Beeching NJ, Thompson GL, Ustianowski A, Beadsworth MBJ. General physicians do not take adequate travel histories. Journal of  Travel Medicine 2011; 18: 271-274   Epub 15 Jun 2011  DOI: 10.1111/j.1708-8305.2011.00521.x

    Al-Abri SS, Al-Jardani AK, Al-Hosni MS, Kurup PJ, Al-Busaidi S, Beeching NJ. A hospital acquired outbreak ofBacillus cereus gastroenteritis, Oman.  Journal of Infection and Public Health Epub 21 Jun 2011 doi:10.1016/j.jiph.2011.05.003

    Thomas S, Vivancos R, Corless C, Wood G, Beeching N, Beadsworth M. Increasing frequency of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in renal transplant patients in the United Kingdom: clonal variability, clusters and geographic location. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2011; 53: 307-308  DOI: 10.1093/cid/cir329

    Fletcher T, Beeching NJ. Universal vaccination against hepatitis B – cost versus ethics. Viral Hepatitis in Practice2011; 3(2): 6-7

    Beeching NJ, Jones R, Gazzard B. Gastrointestinal opportunistic infections. Section 4 in Eds Nelson M, Dockrell DH, Edwards S. British HIV Association and British Infection Association guidelines for the treatment of opportunistic infection in HIV-seropositive individuals 2011. HIV Medicine 2011; 12 (Suppl 2): 43-54    doi: 10.1111/j.1468-1293.2011.00944_5.x.

    [Open source Link to http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1468-1293.2011.00944_5.x/pdf ]

    Miyajima F, Roberts P, Swale A, Price V, Jones M, Horan M, Beeching N, Brazier J, Parry CM, Pendleton N, Pirmohamed M. Characterisation and carriage ratio of Clostridium difficile strains isolated from a community-dwelling elderly population in the United Kingdom. PLoS One 6(8): e22804.       doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022804

    [Open source Link to  http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0022804 ]


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    Lorie J, Beeching NJ (Eds) The Traveller’s Healthbook 2nd edition, WEXAS International, London 2000

    Chapters and interactive e-modules

    Corbel MJ, Beeching NJ. Brucellosis. Chapter 157 in Eds, Fauci AS, Braunwald E, Kasper DL, Hauser SL, Longo DL, Jameson JL, Loscalzo J. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2011: 1296-1300 (and previous 2 editions)

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    Al-Abri SS, Beeching NJ. Traveller’s diarrhoea - learning module for BMJlearning.com 2006, 2009

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    Cottle L, Beeching NJ, Carrol ED, Parry CM. Tetanus infection. BMJ Point-of-Care 2009, 2010

    Editor/co-editor, Section on Gastrointestinal Infections, Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases (yearly since 1996)

    (For current listing of research and review articles see PubMed and Google Scholar)

    For general public

    Beeching N, Miller A, Ford L “Essential medical kit for the traveller” (p635-636), “Day-to-day health abroad” (638-647); Miller A, Beeching N  “Health on the flight” (636-638); Miller A, Beeching N, Ford L “Health planning and precautions before you go” (627-634),  “Health on your return” (647-648), “Vaccinations required” (649-652) In Eds Lorie J, Sohanpaul A, Williams JI The Traveller’s Handbook, 12th edition, WEXAS: London 2009

    Quarterly articles (with Carolyn Driver) on travel health for non medical public in Traveller (WEXAS, London)