Ewan Tomeny

Operational Modeller and Health Economist

Ewan graduated in Mathematics from the University of Aberdeen in 2012 and worked for several years in the financial services sector (principally as a risk analyst) before commencing a Master’s programme in Health Economics at the University of York in 2015, graduating with distinction in 2016.  He joined the Department of Clinical Sciences within LSTM the same year, where he currently works as a Health Economist and Operational Modeller.  Alongside his research, Ewan is working towards a Health Economics and Modelling PhD, focussed on TB and MDR-TB diagnosis and treatment pathways, and the evaluation of both short- and long-term HRQoL.

Current areas of interest include: modelling strategies for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and MDR-TB; the development of operational and health economic models in evaluating the impact on health systems and populations of new tuberculosis interventions; the collection and analysis of patient-cost data across TB and other diseases; the wider societal consequences of ill health; health-related quality of life and burden of disease estimation.


Ewan’s current work is primarily concerned with the utilisation of Virtual Health System modelling techniques to explore the cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, typically within low- and middle-income countries.  Working in multidisciplinary teams both in the UK and abroad, through developing a clear understanding of the patient-pathways and associated processes, his subsequent analyses aim to inform local and national health policy decisions. In addition, Ewan provides ongoing training of healthcare workers and TB programme staff in the continued use of models once deployed, with an emphasis on capacity building.  


Ewan lectures in Health Economics and Healthcare Financing on both the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Health (DTM&H) and Master’s in International Public Health (MIPH).  He also delivers a modelling lecture as part of the School’s Doctoral Training Programme in Translational and Quantitative Research.  

Ewan conducts several overseas modelling workshops a year and teaches weekly lessons in Health System Modelling to PhD students on the IMPALA programme.  

Ewan has been a member of the Social Protection Action Research and Knowledge Sharing (SPARKS) Network since its inception,  having interests in the public health impacts of social protection schemes, and their role in the management of disease and reducing the negative socioeconomic consequences of illness.    He is also a member of the Health Economics Study Group (HESG) , and the UK Academics & Professionals to End TB.  He regularly attends and has presented at LIV-TB,  a cross-campus collaboration between LSTM and the University of Liverpool.


Selected publications