Sean Tomlinson

PhD Student

Sean trained at the University of Lincoln (2012 – 2016), where he completed a 4-year BSc/MBio Biomedical Science course, focussing on molecular biology and genetic research themes.
In 2016, he joined the MRC Doctoral Training Partnership between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Lancaster University for his PhD (1+3 year). His first year was spent with the University of Liverpool, studying for an MRes in Clinical Sciences (Emerging & Zoonotic Infections).
Sean started work on his PhD projects in October 2017, for which the primary aim is to investigate ‘adaptive introgression between malaria vectors in areas of intense vector control’.

PhD Supervisors:

Professor Martin J Donnelly (primary)

Dr David Weetman (co-supervisor)

Dr Eric Lucas (co-supervisor)

Dr Luigi Sedda (co-supervisor)