Shahreen Chowdhury

Research Assistant

I have a background in Geography and Public Health, with a keen interest of looking at health through a social science lens. I completed my MPH (Masters in Public Health in International Development) at the University of Sheffield, where I undertook research exploring maternal health women in rural Uganda. Prior to starting at LSTM, I have varied local and international NGO experience in diverse settings - including Tanzania, Uganda and World Vision on WASH and maternal health. My areas of interest include disability rights, social inclusion, gender and strengthening equitable health systems.

As a research assistant, I work within the COUNTDOWN consortium on implementation research to support the development of more inclusive health systems in Nigeria and Liberia, with a focus on equity and disability inclusion. Using qualitative and creative participatory research methods, our research focuses on developing community level inclusion programmes on neglected tropical diseases, which result in lifelong morbidity and disability. I am currently working on studies addressing integrated case management of NTDs as well as wellbeing, mental health and stigma for people affected by stigmatising skin diseases in Nigeria.

Shahreen is a member of the NNN DMDI Cross Cutting Group

Shahreen teaches the modules: Research Methods in International Health, Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis, Participatory Research Approaches.