Covid-19 response

The role of the Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics

Covid-19 response. the role of the Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics

Establishment of a COVID-19 preclinical pipeline for therapeutics

LSTM’s Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics is part of the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Disease Research (CEIDR) COVID 19 initiative in Liverpool which aims to facilitate COVID research sharing expertise and laboratory facilities. Systems have been established for the rapid evaluation of therapeutic compounds, to validate and select compounds for clinical evaluation.

A consortium of some 40 scientists, including LSTM’s Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics, have rapidly established the COVID-19 preclinical pipeline to identify, prioritise and validate preclinical candidates for therapeutics suitable for clinical Phase I and Phase II studies. This pipeline involves the screening of repurposed drugs, performing biochemical assays and studying preclinical pharmacology to enable the identification of potential drug candidates for clinical trial evaluation.

Repurposing of drugs to treat COVID-19 or to be used as a prophylaxis. Selected (pre-print) outputs from the preclinical pipeline: