Leaving a Gift

Leave a gift in your Will

Leave your legacy

Leaving a gift in your Will to LSTM can make a huge impact; from supporting future global health leaders to funding life-saving research.

Generous gifts have been left to LSTM over the years, including a gift by Sir Alfred Lewis Jones for the construction of our first building on Pembroke place to gifts to support student scholarships. We continue to benefit from generous gifts of all sizes pledged by those who have had a close relationship with us in their lifetime or who simply want to make a difference in this world, long after they have left it. 

By choosing to name LSTM in your Will, you can choose to allocate your gift to support scholarships, early career research or areas of greatest need.  Whichever route you choose, your gift will create a lasting legacy by helping us to save lives in some of the world’s poorest countries. 

Did you know? Every gift left in a Will, no matter the size, is so important and we are grateful to everyone who chooses to support our work in this way.

Tax benefits

LSTM is a registered charity so, when you leave a gift in your Will, its value will be deducted from your estate, reducing your inheritance tax bill and therefore  maximising what is available for your family and friends.

Talk to us

To find out more about any of the information above, or to discuss how leaving a Legacy with LSTM can make an impact, please contact Stacey Lavery, by calling +44(0) 151 705 3778 or emailing Stacey.Lavery@lstmed.ac.uk. We are always very happy to talk about how you might like your gift to be spent and to arrange a visit to LSTM. If you have already left a gift or are in the process of doing so and have any questions, we would love yo hear from you. 

Already left a life-changing gift? Let us know. 

If you've already decided to leave a gift to LSTM in your Will, let us know so we can thank you personally.