Marking Non Communicable Disease Week in Tanzania

Blog 2 Dec 2021
Prof. Mfinanga was receiving appreciation certificate from Hon. Zainabu Abdallah, Bagamoyo DC
Bilton Exavery and Dr. Samafilan Ainan at the screening areas with INTE-AFRICA posters.

On the week of 15th- 18th November 2021, the Bagamoyo district council in Tanzania commemorated the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) week, creating awareness on NCDs in the community with the Theme ‘Change your lifestyle for better health.’





Mass screening of the community for NCDs

On the final day, 18th November, mass screening of NCDs was held for the community at Majengo primary school with the District Commissioner Hon. Zainabu Abdallah in attendance. NIMR- Muhimbili as an essential stakeholder in the fight against NCDs, was invited to the event by the NCD district coordinator Ms. Rehema Kingu. Bagamoyo district hospital is one of the sites of the INTE-AFRICA trial.

During the event, health education on nutrition and mental health, screening for Sickle Cell disease, hypertension, and diabetes was conducted, oral and eye health services were provided, and COVID-19 vaccination service was offered to the community.

COVID vaccination area

NIMR Muhimbili was represented by the centre director Prof. Sayoki Mfinanga, INTE-AFRICA coordinator Dr. Samafilan Ainan and study research nurse at Bagamoyo site Bilton Exavery.

The district commissioner made a speech at the event and thanked all stakeholders on behalf of the government of Tanzania, including NIMR (through INTE AFRICA), to support the district in combatting NCDs. NIMR- Muhimbili received a certificate of appreciation together with research nurse Bilton Exavery. Prof Mfinanga went on to make a speech about research activities conducted in the district, including INTE AFRICA, and future plans for further collaboration 

The event was broadcast on local media through Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) and coverage can be viewed here: