The Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

Event 17 Sep 2018

The Fifth Global Symposium will advance conversations and collaborations on new ways of financing health; delivering services; and engaging the health workforce, new social and political alliances, and new applications of technologies to promote health for all.

As well as being co sponsors of the event, LSTM researchers are presenting in some sessions.


Abstract Title

Date & Time

Jane Ardrey

Using Photovoice to explore complex multi-sectoral social determinants of health in rural Malawi

Photovoice session daily

Miriam Taegtmeyer with Rachel Tolhurst, Jo Raven, Sally Theobald

CHWs provide “second class care” and are a temporary fix to the human resources crisis and health systems constraints

ACC Liverpool, Hall 2E

October 11th


Rachel Tolhurst with Miriam Taegtmeyer, Laura Dean, Sally Theobald, Jo Raven

Improving health systems responses to chronic disease and disability: addressing medical and psycho-social needs in essential service delivery


ACC Liverpool, Room 12

October 11th


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