World NTD Day Seminar

On the eve of the first ever World NTD Day, the seminar showcased LSTM’s newly expanded Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases with speed talks to illustrate the breadth of translational research and impacts of our neglected tropical disease activities.

Speakers include:

Mark Taylor (Head, CNTD)
Joe Turner (new drugs for filariasis)
Emily Adams (novel diagnostics for NTDs)
Alvaro Acosta-Serrano (monitoring exposure to sandflies)
Grant Hughes (the mosquito microbiome and arbovirus control)
Russ Stothard (zoonotic schistosomiasis; implications for control)
Lisa Reimer (monitoring NTDs through their vectors)
Nick Casewell (new snakebite therapeutics)
Sarah Martindale (impact of Lymphatic filariasis morbidity management)
Richard Selby (tiny targets for Human African Trypanosomiasis)
Rachael Thomson (COUNTDOWN Consortium; Scale up of preventative chemotherapy)
Sally Theobald (REDRESS Consortium; integrating care of severe stigmatizing skin diseases)
Mark Taylor (ASCEND; implementation of NTD programmes)